Gábor, Kopanecz
managing director

I have been working in building industry since 1999 which means that I have had to face different challenges concerning the Clients’ special needs as well as the market’s change. However I can proudly state that I have carried out successful projects.
People are afraid of building a house as they are anxious of the complicated process of decision making, they do not trust the building constructor’s honest work moreover, they do not want to take the logistics of the construction beside their civil lives. With the supply of Éberhardt House building material as a background support, 2 KOP Ltd as a complex contractor-and a prime contractor-group offers you an excellent work.

Our scope of activities includes: structural architecture, road-building, designing and constructing telecommunication furthermore, designing and constructing power plant field.
Mainly we carry work in Budapest and its outskirts, primarily in Pest County. Based on our experience we are not able to offer a competitive price farther than that. The owners of the company are Hungarian civil individuals.
If you wish to ask or would like to invite tenders we are ready to answer and help you. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.


Zsuzsanna, La Bouff
leader of design section

We offer a whole scale presentation for those who would like to build a house or renovate it with designing and giving expert’ advice.
We are engaged in constructing, interior designing, statics and road-building.
At the same time, the Client’s financial situation is taken into consideration additionally we comply with the authorities’ requirements on a high-level, also we promote our Client’s interests. We act as the Client’s representative at the construction site and prepare the entire licensing and working design, moreover we deal with the local authorities and Utility companies. In addition, if it is necessary energy-efficiency qualification is provided, and in our scope of activities judicial expert’s opinion is given.