The program of Wienerberger’s ‘Mesterház’

The certificate of our company

We were one of the firsts who joined the program of Wienerberger’s ‘Mesterház’. In order to attract and maintain the interest of the clients the Company established its exhibition area in Piliscsaba via building up 3 different model houses. House Merkur was built by us. Wienerberger’s ‘Mesterház’ programme has developed from this during the past few years. We strongly believe that we played a significant role in its coming into existence.

Of course, we immediately applied for membership to the approved contractors list for Wienerberger’s ‘Mesterház’, moreover out of 70 Wienerberger’s ‘Mesterház’ we have built 7. Since then we have tried to build all our houses to that standard, therefore from year to year we gain more and more certificates for our clients.

As a logical outcome we took part in the introduction of ‘PROFI’ bricks, and instantly we acquired the licence to use ‘PROFI’ bricks. Beside the above mentioned, we were also one of the firsts who used the ‘DRYFIX’ system. An educational film was shot about its usage in Sólymár.

To watch the film, click here ›

Here you can see some of our certificates that we received for building ‘Mesterház’ ›